AM-910, KALL radio, believes it has the solution for Monica Lewinsky's unemployment. The station has offered her a $100,000-a-year job as host of a weekday talk show on its Salt Lake talk and news station. Rating bonuses could increase that salary by $50,000.

"It's a legitimate offer," station program director Larry Crandall said. "If she accepts, we'll put her to work."Crandall says Lewinsky could become another G. Gordon Liddy or Oliver North by making the transition from Washington scandal to radio personality. And he insists that he's serious, that this isn't just another radio stunt.

KALL has had no response from Lewinsky yet. Crandall said that's OK because with all the things going on back in Washington, he expects a slow response from this long-shot offer. (He actually sent the job offer to Lewinsky's attorney, Plato Cacheris, on Sept. 17.)

Crandall said he thinks Lewinsky is fairly bright, and it would be very interesting to see how well she would translate into such a talk show job. He stressed that many talk show hosts are simply interesting people, not necessarily trained broadcast professionals.

"I'm looking for a talk host who understands both what is happening in Washington and Generation X listeners," he said.

KALL is owned by Jacor Broadcasting, and its sister Salt Lake news station, KNRS ("k-News" AM-570), has technically made a co-offer to Lewkinsky and would share any potential contract.

- MORE ON BROADCAST PERMISSION - Last week's radio column discussed DJs getting the permission of listeners to put them on the air. Now here's more on that subject, courtesy of KSL radio.

A pamphlet printed by the National Association of Broadcasters states:

"FCC rules require that licensees notify parties of the intention to broadcast telephone conversations prior to recording or broadcasting any conversations. The notification requirement applies whether or not the conversation is being broadcast live or being recorded for later broadcast.

"However, prior express notification that a party's voice is being broadcast is not required when the party is aware, or may be presumed to be aware from the circumstances of the conversation that it is being or likely will be broadcast."

These circumstances refer to "open mike" or "call-in" shows.

The FCC also believes that a conversation begins the moment a person answers the telephone. Thus, DJs may not legally air the portion of a live or taped conversation that preceeds the announcer's notification of being on the air - even if that is the very start of their conversation.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - The "Z-Morning Zoo" team on KZHT talked about haunted houses Tuesday . . . Tom Barberi on KALL Tuesday referred to President Clinton as the dumbest man in America and said he should resign . . . Kerry, Bill and Gina on KXRK Tuesday provided listeners with all kinds of facts about bats - not the baseball kind but the animal variety.

"Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL had plenty of news about country music this week and also did an interview with Dena Carter . . . Mick and Allen on KURR did some flashback masking Tuesday and also talked about staging a backward tricycle race . . . Mike, Brett and Marcy on KQMB had their own presidential sleaze segment Tuesday.

Even Jon Carter on KRSP did some listener interviews Tuesday to see what they thought about President Clinton . . . Tom, Rick and Dawn on KKAT interviewed the Sons of the Desert group Tuesday . . . KLO radio was into coupon book mania this month, offering many free Davis County services in its $59.95 value book.

"Dain and Peggy" on KSFI told listeners Tuesday, in their latest "Totally Useless Trivia" offering, that women spend an average of 2.3 years of their life in the bathroom . . . "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN had more tales of "Men Gone Mad" Tuesday.