I am sure that many Americans will agree with me in stating that the presentation of President Clinton's testimony to the grand jury had minimal effect for the case to find him guilty on grounds of impeachment. The reason for this is simple. A majority of his responses to the questions asked were based on a sudden loss of memory. His testimony could have meant something, one way or another, if he had responded "yes" or "no" instead of "I don't recall this happening, but it could have."

It surprises me that the leader of the free world could forget as much about something that in his own words was significant to him. In fact, it scares me to think that this recent loss of memory could affect our safety and freedom as Americans on a larger scale. What would happen if President Clinton couldn't recall the details of the previous conversations and agreements he had with President Yeltsin concerning nuclear disarmament?I am also sure that a majority of Americans will agree with me that when someone doesn't remember what happened in a particular situation, and that person has not experienced a traumatic occurrence that would cause a loss of memory, there is a strong probability that he/she is trying to hide the truth.

I don't care if he stays or goes, but he should stop taking the American public for stupid.

John Hall

Heber City