It looks like that round yellow smiley face will be grinning all the way to the post office.

With just over a week left in the voting, the smiley face is the leading candidate in choosing stamps to commemorate the 1970s.Indeed, some 201,308 ballots have been cast for that ubiquitous symbol, the Postal Service said Wednesday.

Trailing in second place is the "Sesame Street" children's show, with 171,093 votes. Running third in voting so far is the nation's bicentennial celebration with 164,251. Rounding out the top five are the disco dance craze, 156,674, and Earth Day, 155,375.

Voting continues through Sept. 30, with 15 people and events to be selected for stamps commemorating the '70s. Ballots are available in post offices and via the Internet at (