MOSCOW - Alexander Lebed, one of Russia's most influential politicians, called for the resignation of President Boris Yeltsin and his entire Cabinet.


MONROVIA - The government denied its forces opened fire at the U.S. Embassy during a weekend gun battle that killed at least three people and injured two Americans.


JERUSALEM - A bomb exploded at a bus stop during morning rush hour, wrecking the station's shelter and injuring an Israeli soldier.


BONN - The nation's political parties, big and small, scrapped over every last tactical or floating vote in Sunday's election, set to be one of the closest for decades.


TEHRAN - Iranian troops poised to launch war games have deployed on the Afghan border, Iranian television reported.


ROME - The nation's divided Communists failed to patch up their differences over whether to back the 1999 budget, and one moderate leader warned of a political crisis that could see the right return to power.


HANOI - Deputy Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Tran Hanh said the ruling Communist Party would always maintain absolute leadership over the country's armed forces.


GENEVA - Hospitals and schools in Geneva and the neighboring canton of Vaud ground to a virtual halt as government workers protested against budget cuts.


MANILA - President Joseph Estrada probably could not have saved Philippine Airlines (PAL), but the flag carrier's demise has enhanced concern over the country's direction under his rule, analysts said.

Vatican City

The Vatican and the mostly Muslim republic of Kazakhstan signed an agreement on mutual relations between the government of the central Asian republic and the minority Roman Catholic Church.


COCHIN - New genetic findings about the causes of Alzheimer's disease, its treatment and the care of its victims will be discussed at an international conference here this week.


ATHENS - Prime Minister Costas Simitis called in Public Order Minister George Romeos to explain a botched police raid that left eight people injured when a hostage-taker exploded a grenade.


YANGON - The opposition National League for Democracy party said the number of its members detained by the military government since May and in the latest crackdown since August had risen to 912.


DHAKA - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the nation has enough food in stock and in the pipeline to overcome losses caused by the country's worst-ever floods.


ALGIERS - Government troops killed more than 25 Muslim rebels during a large scale military operation, a local newspaper said.


LONDON - Police said the arrest of seven Middle Eastern suspects this week followed an anti-terrorist investigation code-named "Operation Challenge" that took several weeks.