The wife of Weber State basketball coach Ron Abegglen has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Nedra Abegglen's filing cast new light on a July 3 altercation the couple had at Ron Abegglen's Dee Event Center office that left the 57-year-old woman with a broken right wrist suffered in a fall.An affidavit filed by Nedra Abegglen with the divorce papers states the incident began when she tried to explain a dent in her car.

"My husband became increasingly agitated about the dent and everything else he perceived that was wrong with me," the document said. "Contrary to my husband's well-publicized statements to the press, my husband shoved me violently and with tremendous force with both of his hands as I faced him after I told him that I intended to file for divorce."

A protective order was issued against Ron Abegglen, who said his wife stumbled over her own feet after a slight push from him.

On Aug. 4, the university announced Abegglen would leave as coach following the coming season.

"My attorney will take each allegation and we'll deal with each one of them," said Ron Abegglen on Wednesday.

The divorce papers, filed Friday, seek $50,400 a year in alimony. A hearing has been set for Oct. 7.

The affidavit said that Nedra Abegglen's wrist still requires additional surgery and that she possibly suffered nerve damage in her teeth when she hit her head in the fall.

The document also reiterates statements from the protective order petition alleging that she was thrown down a set of stairs and that furniture was thrown at her.

Ron Abegglen has called the stair incident an accident and furniture-throwing was limited to one incident where he tipped over a chair.

New in the divorce affidavit are allegations of extramarital affairs.

"The husbands of two separate women have contacted me, one fairly recently, to advise me that my husband was involved in romantic affairs with their wives," she writes.

The couple was married on March 25, 1986, divorced in October 1987 and remarried Jan. 11, 1989.

Abegglen had four years remaining on a seven-year contract extension he signed in 1995. WSU officials said Abegglen will be paid $95,000 upon retirement, considerably less than his $86,000 per year salary.