I have just read of the tragic accident that occurred on Aug. 10 near the construction project at 9000 South, I-15.

Driver rage is not new to veteran drivers of I-15 between Provo and 600 North. Although I have been out of Utah for 17 months, my memory is fresh of the "me first" drivers encountered during the previous nine months I lived in Utah.I would suggest that the time is long past for the state legislature and the Utah highway patrol to put a damper on this growing style of driving on that stretch of pub-lic road.

Positive action could be taken in the following manner: Set up a procedure that would allow citizens to note unsafe acts of driving by noting the license number of the car being driven in an unsafe manner, and phoning or writing the UHP with information including the time, date and area of unsafe driving.

The UHP could computerize the data, and if future reports concerning the same license number exceeded three events, send an unsafe condition notice to the registered owner.

If a fourth event was entered in the computer (computers could be programmed to "red flag" event 4), a notice could be sent to the owner to prove why the vehicle should not be impounded until a court hearing could be scheduled.

UHP should be augmented during times of heavy traffic with authorization to immediately write a citation for erratic driving that endangers other motorists.

Heavy fines should be levied upon unsafe drivers. Driver licenses should be suspended or revoked after the third con-vict-ed offense.

UHP augmentation could be paid for by the proposed fines. There would likely be an excess of funds.

If a firm hand is not placed on this so-called driver rage, many others will be maimed or killed by the carelessness of such foolish people.

Oh, has the driver who caused the above-mentioned accident been caught? If not, read this letter once more.

Leo J. Lee

Seoul, Korea