In Ms. Staker's letter of Sept. 17, she suggests that "Chicago" was nothing more than a strip show. How wrong she is.

"Chicago" is an incredibly entertaining production. I'm certain the Theatre League is sorry to disappoint Ms. Staker, but not all productions are about good, decent, wholesome family values. Some are about the darker side of life. Some accurately portray the infusion of cynicism and depravity into American culture. "Chicago" is one of them.While I enjoy a Utah version of a musical as much as the next person, I am sick to death of the constant barrage of productions of "Joseph" and "Forever Plaid." "Chicago" is sublimely different. The sleek, sexy costumes and high-energy, "Fosse-style" dancing were a welcome change of pace.

Ms. Staker knew what she was getting into. The Theater League made clear in its advertisements that the suggested age for patrons of "Chicago" was 17. What did she expect knowing that? "Promised Valley"?

I am looking forward to "Rent" and "Victor/Victoria." I applaud the Theatre League for not filling us up with the same old diet of tried and true shows. I'd much rather see a great production of a not as well known show than yet another version of "The Sound of Music." A new production of that opens every five minutes here anyway, most of them extremely painful to watch.

If Ms. Staker doesn't wish to enjoy a different, highly entertaining production, that's fine. There's always plenty of productions of "Saturday's Warrior" going on around here.

Jacob Johnson

Salt Lake City