Police Monday said they don't expect to pursue criminal charges against a woman whose 10-month-old daughter slipped out of the house and was found crawling in a busy roadway.

The infant, Placencia Tiffany Owen, was nearly struck by a car driven by Anthony Monson at 5:45 a.m. Saturday.Monson was on West Temple near 1500 South when he saw the infant crawling in the middle of the road, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Robert Linton.

"He almost hit (the baby)," Linton said. "At that time of the morning, it was still dark. It could have been a lot worse."

Monson picked up the uninjured child and, not seeing any adults outside any of the nearby homes, took her to the Salt Lake County Jail.

The Department of Child and Family Services took the child into custody while the incident was investigated, Linton said.

Police located the baby's home near the spot where the child was found. The mother, identified as Betty Owen, told officers that one of her other children had left the back door open and that the child had somehow managed to get out and into the street.

Lt. Phil Kirk said Monday police are satisfied the baby was able to crawl away because of the inadvertent actions of an older sibling.