Some honeymoon.

A newlywed couple was arrested over the weekend after police say they grew a little too angry with hotel clerks who had mistakenly given away their bridal suite."All parties became upset," said Bill Kietzman, an agent with the state Division of Criminal Investigation. "It got pretty aggressive. Some punches were thrown, there was a lot of wrestling, a lot of profanity."

The bride - Raejean Clements, 21, of Davenport - kicked a window out of a patrol car and was charged with criminal mischief. The groom - Cory Clements, 21, of Davenport - was charged with assault, Kietzman said. Both were released on bond.

The ruckus happened Saturday evening at the Lady Luck Casino. Clerks offered to take the couple in a limousine to a different hotel and a free stay at the casino on another night.

"That apparently wasn't good enough, and they became very irate," Kietzman said.