Thanks to the editing services of a growing number of video stores, families up and down the Wasatch Front may safely view the "Titanic" and other videos, free of sleaze. While they're at it, these stores should de-sleaze the Clinton grand jury video as well. I want my children to view a family edited version of the Clinton video in order to witness and never forget a callous act of perjury by a commander-in-chief and always appreciate why the Constitution provides for impeachment. Decades from now, Clinton's video will be exhibit "A" on the importance of choosing leaders wisely and the disaster that resulted when a majority of Americans once believed that "character doesn't count."

This up close and personal display of Clinton's true character (edited for family consumption) will teach families that indeed character does count. If some video store will please offer to de-sleaze the Clinton video, they'll have my business.Mark Ward

South Jordan