Taberon Dave Honie will stand trial on a charge of aggravated murder in the death of Paiute Tribe substance abuse counselor Claudia Benn.

Honie's case was advanced toward trial Thursday by 5th District Judge Robert Braithwaite after five hours of testimony from 11 prosecution witnesses in a preliminary hearing.Honie, 22, was also arraigned on the charge and pleaded not guilty.

On July 10, police officers responded to a report of what a neighbor believed were gunshots at a home in the Fiddler's Canyon area. They reported seeing Honie leaving through a side door.

They found Benn, 49, face down on the floor inside her home. Witnesses said Honie, who according to police reports had blood on him at the time of his arrest, repeatedly shouted "Satan made me do it" and "I'll find you again and kill you" as he was led to the police car.

Defense attorney Scott McCaughey told the court that Honie will not testify in his own defense. Iron County Attorney Scott Burns has said he will seek the death penalty in the case.

Burns said it is unlikely that he would consider a plea bargain. Attorneys Jim Park of Cedar City and McCaughey of Salt Lake City have been appointed by the court to defend Honie.

The Salt Lake City Medical Examiner's Office has not yet released the report on Benn's death.