Cookbook party

The Junior League of Salt Lake City is looking for those of you "who have contributed recipes or have been involved in" their previous cookbooks, "Heritage" and "Pinch of Salt Lake."

So, if you are among the kind cooks who added your touch to "Heritage" and "Pinch of Salt Lake," the League would like to honor you at their premier party celebrating "Always In Season," the newest Salt Lake Junior League cookbook. Call 328-1019 and they'll send you an invitation.

The book, "Always in Season" will debut on Nov. 12, 1998, at the Junior League of Salt Lake City Holiday Mart. Retail price for "Always in Season" is $21.95, and it can be pre-ordered by calling the League at 328-4516.

Ask for Junior.

Quaker Oats contest

How grand is $10,000!

Just think of all the Neccos you could buy.

Enter the Quaker Oats Recipe Contest to compete for the "Best of Contest" Prize of $10,000; three $1,000 First Prizes; nine $250 Runners-Up prizes and 50 Honorable Mention prizes of cookbooks.

Request the complete contest rules today . . . the contest closes at midnight, Oct. 31, 1998. Send a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to: RULES, P.O. Box 1370, Barrington, IL 60011; access the Quaker Oats Web site at (, or send e-mail to ([email protected]).

Legs like buttah

What has udders - and four legs like buttah?

Why, the 600-pound Holstein that's housed in a refrigerated cooler at the Utah State Fairpark - Promontory Building.

What a mouthful! In fact, it is! The Dairy Farmers of Utah say you could butter 19,200 slices of toast with the bovine!

Sculptor Norma Duffield Lyon of Toledo, Iowa has moooooved millions with her butter art. She sculpted cattle for 39 years at the Iowa State Fair. Then she suffered a stroke, which slowed her work. But still, she was able to create a butter Elvis to honor the 20th anniversary of his death.

Two Utah ladies have volunteered to assist Lyon. In return, they'll learn how to sculpt cows . . . a skill every gal should know. They are Barbara Westover, of Lewiston, and Debbie Brown, from Murray.

A final thought . . . It would take the average person two lifetimes to consume 600 pounds of butter.

Have a cow!

MAPS Spelled Backward

Even As I pen this last tidbit, we're off to judge the SPAM Cookoff at the Utah State Fair.

And for your SPAM pleasure, there's the Official SPAM Fan Club. It's hot. It's cool. It's SPAM.

Benefits of the club include:

A SPAM T-shirt.

A SPAM membership certificate.

A SPAM membership card.

A quarterly newsletter, A Slice of SPAM.

Send a check for $15 to The Official SPAM Club, P.O. Box 892, Austin, MN, 55912. If you're not too embarrassed, include name, address, phone and e-mail of each member.