1 Hunter (4-0) Class: 5A

Last week: 2. Result: Beat West Jordan, 18-13. Extra points: The Wolverines didn't get any style points on Friday, but David Fiefia found a way to win it. Next: Friday vs. Viewmont, 7 p.m.

2 Highland (3-1) Class: 4A

Last week: 3. Result: Beat Murray, 36-0. Extra points: Rams have a colossal clash with the Titans Friday to all but decide the Region 5 championship. Next: Friday vs. Olympus, 7 p.m.

3 Bingham (4-0) Class: 5A

Last week: 5. Result: Beat Kearns, 40-7. Extra points: Jake Schroeder's accurate arm (he completed 16 of 19 passes) helped spoil Kearns' homecoming. Next: Friday vs. West Jordan, 7 p.m.

4 Granger (3-1) Class: 5A

Last week: 6. Result: Beat Layton, 48-14. Extra points: Fahu Tahi racked up 279 yards rushing and five TDs as the South Lancers creamed the North Lancers. Next: Friday vs. Copper Hills, 7 p.m.

5 Olympus (4-0) Class: 4A

Last week: 7. Result: Beat East, 27-7. Extra points: Oly's outstanding first-string defense gave up its first touchdown of the season in lopsided win over Leopards. Next: Friday at Highland, 7 p.m.

6 Skyline (3-1) Class: 5A

Last week: 1. Result: Lost to Davis, 27-24. Extra points: Eagles got knocked off perch for first region loss in two years. Could losing streak hit two? Next: Friday vs. Northridge, 7 p.m.

7 Jordan (4-0) Class: 5A

Last week: 8. Result: Beat Woods Cross, 29-7. Extra points: The Beetdiggers and their lead flinger, Jackson Brown, continue their rise up the charts. Next: Friday vs. Timpanogos, 7 p.m.

8 Northridge (4-0) Class: 5A

Last week: 11. Result: Beat Viewmont, 30-0. Extra points: Last year the Knights were also undefeated when they met up with Skyline, and they went on to lose 35-0. Next: Friday at Skyline, 7 p.m.

9 Brighton (2-1) Class: 5A

Last week: 9. Result: Beat Mountain View, 35-34. Extra points: Bengals' D nearly blew the game, but they got the W with a last-second two-point conversion stop. Next: Friday at Hillcrest, 7 p.m.

10 Alta (3-1) Class: 5A

Last week: 10. Result: Beat Timpanogos, 32-0. Extra points: The Hawks won't have quite the cakewalk against the team from Orem they play this weekend. Next: Friday vs. Orem, 7 p.m.

11 Hillcrest (4-0) Class: 5A

Last week: Not ranked. Result: Beat Orem, 17-0. Extra points: Huskies showed their bite is as dangerous as their bark with an eye-opening shutout vs. Orem. Next: Friday vs. Brighton, 7 p.m.

12 Orem (3-1) Class: 5A

Last week: 4. Result: Lost to Hillcrest, 17-0. Extra points: Shawn Kojima did a number on the Tigers - as QB and as receiver Chris Hale's pesky shadow. Next: Friday at Alta, 7 p.m.

13 Bonneville (3-1) Class: 4A

Last week: 13. Result: Beat Roy, 42-0. Extra points: Brett Cooper didn't score but he had another big receiving game, racking up 146 yards on five catches. Next: Friday at Logan, 7 p.m.

14 Pleasant Grove (3-1) Class: 4A

Last week: 14. Result: Bat Provo, 39-19. Extra points: Chance Scott accounted for four TDs to help Vikings move on top of Region 6 all by themselves. Next: Friday at Lone Peak, 7 p.m.

15 Mountain Crest (4-0) Class: 4A

Last week: Not ranked. Result: Beat Weber, 44-0. Extra points: Mustangs have given up less than 200 yards in offense in two straight shutouts. Next: Friday at Box Elder, 7 p.m.

16 Logan (4-0) Class: 4A

Last week: 16. Result: Beat Sky View, 33-3. Extra points: Quick-start Grizzlies get a chance to show what they're made of against the Lakers. Next: Friday vs. Bonneville, 7 p.m.

17 Davis (2-2) Class: 5A

Last week: Not ranked. Result: Beat Skyline, 27-24. Extra points: Where did Darts come from? Their losses are to ranked teams, Hillcrest and Mtn. Crest. Next: Friday at Cottonwood, 7 p.m.

18 Timpview (2-2) Class: 4A

Last week: 17. Result: Beat Springville, 21-20. Extra points: T-Birds have won two in a row, but they needed two 4th-quarter TDs to save 'em this time. Next: Friday at Spanish Fork, 7 p.m.

19 Uintah (4-0) Class: 3A

Last week: 20. Result: Beat Lehi, 28-12. Extra points: For fourth straight week, Adam Madsen-led Utes handed their opponent their first loss. Next: Friday vs. Park City, 7 p.m.

20 Mountain View (1-3) Class: 5A

Last week: 15. Result: Lost to Brighton, 35-34. Extra points: Ranked at 1-3? Bruins lost to Skyline and Brighton by combined three points, that's how. Next: Friday at West, 4 p.m.

Dropped out: East, Box Elder, Weber

Rankings by class

Class 5A Record Prv.

1. Hunter 4-0 2

2. Bingham 4-0 4

3. Granger 3-1 5

4. Skyline 3-1 1

5. Jordan 4-0 -

Class 4A Record Prv.

1. Highland 3-1 1

2. Olympus 4-0 2

3. Bonneville 3-1 4

4. Pl. Grove 3-1 5

5. Mtn. Crest 4-0 -

Class 3A Record Prv.

1. Uintah 4-0 1

2. Dixie 3-1 3

3. Canyon View 4-0 4

4. Cedar City 3-1 -

5. Morgan 3-1 2

Class 2A Record Prv.

1. Millard 4-0 1

2. San Juan 4-0 2

3. Grantsville 3-1 3

4. Juab 3-1 5

5. Kanab 4-0 -