An afternoon downpour, combined with excess driving speeds and a steep hill, contributed to a cluster of accidents along one Salt Lake City road Monday, police said.

The accidents happened during the wettest Sept. 21 ever recorded by Salt Lake weather-watchers since they began keeping detailed records in 1928.In one 20-minute period, four separate accidents involving 10 cars occurred on 800 South between 1050 East and 1150 East, said Salt Lake City Sgt. Bryan Bailey. The accidents happened between 5:20 p.m. and 5:40 p.m., during the height of the afternoon rains and the evening commute.

"Weather, hills and visibility were all factors," Bailey said. "And people going too fast for the conditions. It's a fairly steep hill, and the way the road is set up, you can't see what's over the crest of the hill."

The accidents were all rear-end collisions, Bailey said. No injuries were reported.

William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service's regional center on North Temple, said rain persisted all day Monday in Salt Lake, Davis and eastern Tooele counties. "It even snowed in the mountains," he said.

At Salt Lake International Airport, a total of 0.63 of an inch of rain fell, breaking the 1945 record for Sept. 21, which was 0.22 inch. South Salt Lake had the highest total at 0.70 of an inch. Also impressive was the rainfall in Tay-lors-ville, 0.68 inch; Bountiful, 0.63 inch; the Foothills area of Salt Lake City, 0.52; and Westminster, 0.63 of an inch.