Here are some questions that investors should ask their broker or mutual fund manager about readiness for the Year 2000 computer problem, as suggested by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Commission member Laura Unger cited the questions in congressional testimony Thursday.- What is your firm doing to become ready for the Year 2000?

- How can I be satisfied that your firm will be ready on time?

- If your firm is not ready, how could I be affected?

- Assuming that your firm will be ready, what is being done to make sure that the stock exchanges, financial clearing agencies and other market participants are also ready?

- Are there plans to test operations with the exchanges, clearing agencies and other market participants before 2000? Will your firm be participating in any industry-wide tests?

- What will happen if I want to sell some stock in December 1999 or early January 2000, and your firm or another market participant is having computer problems and my sale is delayed or possibly can't be executed on the day I placed the order? What will your firm do for me in that situation?

- Before your firm makes buy and sell recommendations for stocks, is its research department evaluating companies' readiness for the Year 2000 and the effect it might have on their bottom line?

- How can I be assured that my interest and dividend payments will not be affected in January 2000?