A magistrate's court Monday formally charged a Tanzanian and an Egyptian with murder in connection with the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania.

Egyptian Mustafa Mahmoud Said Ahmed and Tanzanian Rashid Saleh Hemed were each charged with 11 counts of murder. The Aug. 7 bombing killed 11 people, all Africans.Resident Magistrate Amiri Maneto said no bail was allowed. If convicted, the penalty would be death by hanging. A trial date will be set Oct. 5.

Although no details were released in court, local press reports say police found traces of chemicals that could have been used in making the bomb in Saleh's home and more traces in his car.

No information was available on why Ahmed was charged. He told the court he couldn't understand the charge because he was not even in Dar es Salaam on the day of the bombing.

Meanwhile, the death toll in a terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Kenya rose to 248 with the death of a badly wounded woman, gov-ern-ment officials said Monday.

The National Disaster Operations Center confirmed that Rosemary Njere Gituma died of her injuries in a Nairobi hospital, raising the number killed in the Aug. 7 bombing to 248. A dozen Americans were killed in Kenya.