Are the polls accurate or are they a ma-nip-u-la-tion of the pollsters' ideas? It was just 50 years ago that they indicated that Dewey had beaten Truman for the presidency. We know they can influence an election now that they are more sophisticated. Who's going to want to vote for president in California if the polls say one candidate is getting stomped in New York? With a slightly different twist they can tell us that we approve of President Clinton's job performance.

In August, I answered a national poll that asked: has my opinion of Clinton's job performance remained the same, decreased, or is he doing better? I answered it had remained the same. I thought it was so bad before that it couldn't get any worse despite the Ken Starr report. Visually it would be at the bottom of the ocean, and you can't get any deeper. The national paper that ran this poll then put their twist on the results to indicate, you guessed it, that he was still doing great.Rich Gilliat

St. George