Roger Rapoport is looking for a few good horror stories.

The horror stories we tell about our vacations.On Monday, Sept. 21, from 6-8 p.m. at Borders Books in the Crossroads Mall, Rapoport will be on hand to sign his books and discuss his two hit collections of "tales from the trip" - "After the Death of a Salesman" and "I Should Have Stayed Home."

He will also be collecting harrowing tidbits of vacation lore for his upcoming books.

Some of the horror stories in his books come from personal experience. Like his other book tours, for instance. While he in Denton, Texas, signing copies of "I Should Have Stayed Home," somebody stole Rapoport's car.

"Obviously, I've got a last chapter now," he told the Denton Record-Chronicle. "My notes are what I'd really like to get back. . .(but) the police were not very optimistic about that."

Fortunately he had a backup copy of notes on his computer.

He hopes for better luck in Salt Lake City.

As the publisher of RDR Books in Oakland, Calif., Rapoport has now released the third volume in his travel series. This one called "I've Been Gone Far Too Long." The book is a compendium of failed field trips and expedition disasters from the scientific community.