After a year or two in the early '70s, we all found out Paul McCartney was not dead. But I'm wondering if Sen. Hatch is - or who is that guy on TV wearing his ties? What happened to the Republican champion during the Bork hearings, vociferously speaking out against the politicizing Kennedy and Biden and the onslaught of deceptive interest group and media spin?

Haven't seen him since the '80s. However, Sen. Hatch's imposter tells us we're willing to forgive the president and make a deal with him if he shows contrition. And then every wrong will be made right.In case the senator forgot:

1. In Utah, Clinton came in third and second place in the past two presidential elections.

2. Utah is represented by three Republican Congressmen, two Republican senators and a Republican governor.

3. The latest voter polls (not opinion polls) indicate that more than 70 percent believe the president is no longer capable of doing his job.

4. Seventy-two major newspapers are calling for his resignation, including the Deseret News.

So why do I have the feeling Sen. Hatch's constituents live in Arkansas?

But I'm willing to give Sen. Hatch the benefit of the doubt. Some say he's gone soft and liberal in his old age. I'm betting he's working a strategy with other Republicans by committing to, in essence, nothing. After all, he is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the chief juror, if you will. That being the case, maybe this imposter should do a little less grandstanding about car phone conversations with the president, his friendship and benevolence towards the first family, and finally turning a very serious national matter into a personal matter of mere forgiveness.

Maybe the answers to Sen. Hatch's whereabouts lie in playing his sound bites backward?

Randy Blosil