Some council members say the mayor appoints his friends to city boards and they would like to reduce his appointment powers.

The mayor and his administration appoint all community board members, and the council approves or denies their recommendations.It was a recent fracas over library board appointments that started talk of a need for change. Mayor Lewis Billings requested Cindy Clark, library board member, be dismissed at the end of her term.

Clark claimed Billings wanted her out because she supports a tax hike to fund the library.

Billings, who campaigned last fall against raising taxes, conceded he wanted Clark replaced because of "philosophical differences" on funding.

Critics claimed Billings was trying to stack the board. Billings later withdrew his recommendation and Clark was reappointed.

Councilman Dennis Poulsen said he is looking at how appointments are made in Sandy, where the council gets to choose five people for a seven-member board and the mayor chooses two.

Provo Council Attorney Neil Lindberg said he's not sure if that's legal under state statute.

Poulsen and other council members also complain they are often notified late of the mayor's appointments.

Some council members are pushing for at least two months notification. Billings said he supports the idea.