A number of resources are available to voters at Salt Lake County libraries in preparation for the Nov. 3 general election and other elections.

County libraries have been selected to participate in a pilot program, Project Vote Smart, this election year. The national non-partisan, nonprofit organization has joined with the library system to combat political illiteracy by providing non-biased information on elected officials and other candidates for public office, library officials said.At county libraries, free Voter Self-Defense Manuals are available. They contain a detailed performance evaluation of congressional officials, funding sources for their last campaigns and how each official has voted on legislation.

Information is also available on candidates for state legislatures and gubernatorial and presidential candidates.

Available for reference at each library is a copy of Vote Smart Yellow Pages, a guide to government and politics on the Internet and the Reporter's Source Book, which contains concise issue briefs and referral information to experts on various issues.

Library patrons may also call a toll-free Voters Research Hotline (888-VOTESMART) to obtain free research services of interns and volunteers. Information is also available on the Vote Smart Web site at (www.votesmart.org).

Project Vote Smart is a nonprofit, non-partisan voter information service with offices in Corvallis, Ore., and Boston. Sixty percent of its funding comes from its members. The balance comes from various philanthropic organizations, according to a Vote Smart employee in Corvallis. Another telephone number for Vote Smart in Corvallis is 541-737-7400.