The political columnist for a banned Iranian newspaper was arrested Saturday in the third detention involving the paper in less than a week, colleagues said.

The columnist for Tous, Seyed Ebrahim Nabavi, was arrested when he went to court after receiving a summons, said colleagues, who spoke on condition of anonymity.Tous, a liberal newspaper with the second-highest circulation in Iran, was shut down Wednesday for publishing articles detrimental "to the country's national interests and security," according to the Islamic Republic News Agency.

The newspaper has angered hard-liners by questioning the authority of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme religious leader, and by calling for a diplomatic solution to the recent standoff with the Taliban militia, which rules most of neighboring Afghanistan.

Anti-Taliban feelings have been running high in Iran since the militia admitted killing eight Iranian diplomats and a journalist. Demonstrators, newspapers and officials have called for revenge against the Taliban.