Iomega Corp. is facing a class-action lawsuit filed Sept. 10 in Delaware that alleges a defect in Iomega's Zip drives causes a clicking noise that may damage the drive or disks.

The company acknowledged the lawsuit in a press release that says the claims are unfounded and that the company intends to defend the suit vigorously."The company's best estimates indicate that approximately one-half of one percent of current Zip drive customers have contacted Iomega technical support with questions regarding Zip drives exhibiting clicking noises believed to be unusual," says an Iomega statement.

"As a company, we are unhappy with even this fractional percentage of Zip drive owners experiencing problems with their drives," said James E. Sierk, Iomega's president and CEO. "The lawsuit is unfortunate, especially since our Zip drive return rates are at an all-time low and our customer satisfaction rates have dramatically improved over last year."

Iomega implemented a series of customer support initiatives in 1997 and specifically responds to customers who call Iomega technical support to report a Zip drive that makes clicking sounds believed to be outside of the noises associated with normal usage. The company invites customers experiencing a problem with an Iomega product to call 1-800-MY-STUFF or look for technical information at (