There are many who voice their opposition to the Legacy Highway proposal because of environmental issues; namely, the displacing of wildlife from their natural habitat.

These people should avail themselves of the opportunity to tour the Wingpointe golf course at the entrance to the airport in Salt lake City. Here on a large plot of land that was virtually nothing but salt grass and alkali soil, someone had vision and designed and built a beautiful golf course. They added to the course numerous lakes and marshlands that are now full of bird wildlife of all kinds.These ducks, geese and many other types of fowl exist peacefully in a manufactured habitat, which they undoubtedly don't seem to care whether it is natural or not.

There is heavy traffic on nearby I-80, also on the expressway entrance to the airport, which dissects the golf course. Also, there is constantly extreme noise from aircraft taking off or landing. The bird wildlife seem to care less, nor did the red fox we have seen many times.

Wisdom in designing the Legacy Highway would easily include berms, ponds and resulting marshes fed by the runoff streams and springs in the areas along the route. It wouldn't hurt to include a golf course or two along the way while they are at it. They seem to be profitable.

I'm sure from the Wingpointe example, the wildlife would not be disturbed long and would return to a new manufactured habitat. They can exist with human progress.

Glenn M. Jensen

Salt Lake City