"Irreverence is in my blood," says Bob Dole, who has written a book aimed at proving that he's not the only politician with a sense of humor.

Dole's humor was on display in 1996 when he was running for president, and among the politicians Bob Dole quotes in his book is Bob Dole.That includes his quip when former Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon stood side by side at a White House event. " `There they are,' " Dole said, " `See no evil, hear no evil and . . . evil.' "

His book, just published by Doubleday, is called "Great Political Wit" and costs $16.95. It is a little book. It measures 73/4 inches by 51/2 inches. It has big type and 190 pages. It weighs 10.3 ounces.

Dole takes much of his humor out of the mouth of others who've lost the presidency. He quotes William Howard Taft as reflecting upon his 1912 defeat for re-election in a three-way race. He says that Taft said he took some consolation in knowing that no man in American history had ever been elected ex-president by such an overwhelming majority.

Former Arizona Rep. Morris Udall's presidential bug was squashed in the Democratic primaries of 1976. Fourteen years later, Udall was asked if he might run again and paraphrased William T. Sherman. "If nominated," the congressman said, "I will run to Mexico; if elected, I will fight extradition."