In all of the excitement and celebration concerning the opening of the new Rice-Eccles Stadium, an apology and a great big vote of thanks and appreciation is owed to the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium.

We have endured many things over the past year - the loss of our mountain views; the noise, dust and confusion of construction, which went on 24 hours a day; the increased traffic as huge equipment and vehicles traveled our streets; and the lights that burned day after day and night after night as we attempted to conduct our lives in some normal fashion.None of us remembers being asked or informed that our lives would be disrupted and our environment changed forever, and to my knowledge, none of us has received an apology or expression of gratitude for giving up our peace and quiet and views of the sun coming over the Wasatch.

We will enjoy the games and shows that happen there and thrill as the nations of the world gather to open and close the Olympics, but those events came at a cost to us, and it would be nice if someone offered us a word or two of sympathy and gratefulness.

Beth Brown

Salt Lake City