Hells Angels bikers tried to join Sweden's Liberal Party but were rejected, the party said on Friday, two days before a general election.

"They're acting provocatively, just to create some sort of debate, but they won't be accepted to the party because they work in an organization that works against the purpose of our party," Liberal Party spokeswoman Marianne Ahlgren told Reuters.Hells Angels, found throughout the Nordic region, have been fighting a guerrilla war with rival motorcycle gang Bandidos since 1994. The rivalry has occasionally erupted into skirmishes involving machine guns, hand grenades, bombs and anti-tank weapons.

Hells Angels' leader Thomas Moller in Malmo, south Sweden, said he paid a membership fee and received a welcome letter from the Liberals, Swedish news agency TT said. Several other bikers had also tried to join.

"We want stronger action to tackle motorcycle violence, including groups like the Hells Angels," Ahlgren said.

The Liberals are running in Sweden's election on Sunday on a platform of more welfare for care of the elderly and schools but also lower taxes with the slogan "a more human Sweden."