Shane, 5, was born March 1, 1993. He is an engaging boy who loves to play with his friends and sister and is very good about cleaning up his toys when he is done playing. He likes baseball, watching TV, listening to stories and reading library books.

Shane is in preschool, is intellectually on target and is a quick learner. He sometimes plays too rough with other children and will tattle on his peers.Shane has been in several placements and receiving homes. He was exposed to poverty and criminal behavior including drug use. He goes to play therapy to address attachment and self-control issues. Although he is sometimes rough with his sister, they are very close. Shane sometimes has temper tantrums and will break his toys and crayons.

Shayla, 6, was born Jan. 10, 1992. She is a bright, engaging girl with good social behaviors. She enjoys playing hopscotch, baseball, drawing, watching TV, reading library books and listening to stories.

Shayla is in kindergarten and is working above grade level. She was exposed to the same elements as her brother and also attends weekly play therapy for attachment issues. She is losing her "me-first" attitude and is very verbal, relating well to others.