Rep. Dan Burton has filed a House resolution recommending Attorney General Janet Reno be held in contempt for failing to hand over documents requested by his committee in the campaign fund-raising investigation.

A vote on Burton's request Thursday could come at any time as Republicans press for an independent counsel in the controversy.Burton, R-Ind., also said that he will review "some information we think bears on the whole issue of impeachment" and will turn it over to House Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde.

Republicans on his Government Reform and Oversight Committee have complained the White House is slow to turn over documents and quick to raise various privileges that have made it difficult for Congress to gather evidence in its fund-raising investigations.

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr's referral to the House alleging impeachable offenses against President Clinton found a similar pattern of conduct by the White House in his investigation.

At a news conference, Burton said Reno refused to allow half a dozen members of the committee that Burton chairs to review edited versions of memos by FBI Director Louis Freeh and prosecutor Charles LaBella. Burton reviewed the edited versions this month.

The memos advocate appointment of an independent counsel to investigate White House fund-raising practices for the 1996 elections.

Burton said Reno refused to submit the memos unless he withdrew a subpoena and a contempt resolution approved Aug. 6 by his Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

"It appears that the attorney general believes the president is above the law," Burton said.