The owners of a uranium plant ordered to pay $36.5 million to cancer sufferers and their families could be facing a final tally of many millions more.

A federal jury found that Babcock and Wilcox Co. and Atlantic Richfield Co. negligently ran the now-closed Nuclear Materials and Fuels Corp., allowing radiation to escape from the facility that fueled submarines during the Cold War.But Thursday's verdict does not include any potential punitive damages, which the jury is to take up Monday. Nor does it settle about 100 other claims still pending against the companies.

The plaintiffs are residents of Apollo, a river town of 1,900 people some 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. They say three decades of radiation from the plant have caused an unusually high incidence of uterine, breast and kidney cancers and leukemia.

The verdict will be split among 12 residents. The largest payment, $8.5 million, will go to the estate of Tina Hall, who died of leukemia at age 24 on Christmas Day 1992.