If a DJ or radio host telephones you, does he need to ask your permission to go on the air?

Yes, according to some station officials. However, there appears to be no Federal Communications Commission requirement for doing so. It's more of a courtesy from radio stations than it is a law.Rod Arquette, KSL radio vice president of news and programming, said he is not aware of any FCC rules requiring stations to tell or ask people about going on the air.

KSL does so as a courtesy, but Arquette said if callers are involved in a radio contest, or if they phone a radio station or talk-show host, they should expect to go on the air without any warning.

Larry Crandall, AM program director for Salt Lake's Jacor Broadcasting operations (KALL, KNRS and KFAM), said he also wasn't aware of any FCC rules requiring an on-air disclosure. Still, he said both parties need to understand when a conversation will be recorded or put live on the air.

"They need to be notified," he said.

In my experience, it seems most radio listeners expect to know when they're going on the air. Many also appear to still believe it is against FCC rules to not be asked or informed about going on the air.

Several attempts to contact the FCC on this issue only resulted in an endless series of transfer calls with no results.

My advice: When a newspaper reporter talks to you, expect it to be on the record unless otherwise stated or agreed. Likewise, when a DJ or radio host calls you, expect it to be on the air. If you have any doubts, ask.

- MOVED FROM DOWNTOWN - KALL (AM-910), KKAT (FM-101.9) and KODJ (FM-94.1) have both now moved to their new West Valley City location, 2801 S. Decker Lake Drive. The move puts all seven Jacor radio stations together in one building - the largest collection of radio studios in the Intermountain West.

It also means the historic KALL radio building at 312 E. South Temple has been vacated. KALL had its beginnings there in the 1940s, across from the Cathedral of the Madeleine.

Besides KALL, KODJ and KKAT being in the new Jacor building, so are sister stations KURR, KNRS, KZHT and KFAM.

DJs at KZHT and KURR are especially happy because they've been able to leave their former West Valley City location that was in the middle of a trailer park. They would affectionately call that former location "the farm."

Radio personnel at the other stations are glad for their new site, too, because the parking at their former South Temple site was the most cramped of any other radio facility in the valley.

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