Musical feuds are nothing new. Band members have often fought like cats and dogs. Remember those stories about drawn-out fisticuffs between Roger Daltry and Pete Town-send of the Who? And the bickering between Sting and Andy Summers when the Police were full force?

Then there's the famous incident at Knott's Berry Farm in 1973, when Phil Everly smashed his guitar and walked off the stage, leaving his brother Don to announce to the audience, "The Every Brothers died 10 years ago."And, of course, you have the over-marketed feuds between every rap artist in the world.

Well, those types of infighting continue. Cases in point include Brandy and Monica, and Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

- HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Teaming Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston would seem like a corporate soul-music no-brainer. It was. But egos got in the way.

The two pop divas were commissioned to record the single, "When You Believe," for the "Prince of Egypt" movie soundtrack. The idea stemmed from the Brandy-Monica partnership for the No. 1 blockbuster, "The Boy Is Mine."

Houston and Carey began bickering about whose name should appear first on the single's label.

That became a real issue between the camps. So, the two over-hyped singers, with help from their managers, have agreed to having Houston's name appear first on the the initial set of printings, while Carey's name will find itself first on the second pressing.

- BITTERSWEET BRANDY: Speaking of Brandy and Monica, the two teen pop singers apparently came to blows at a rehearsal for the MTV Video Music Awards last week.

The New York Daily News reported the two girls punched each other after singing "The Boy Is Mine," resulting in a black eye for Monica.

Both artists' respective publicists have denied the allegations, but New York Daily News writer Marcus Baram says he's sticking to his story.

- NO FEUDS, JUST FAMILY CONNECTIONS: Continuing a discussion from a previous column, Chris Stills, Adam Cohen and Brady Seals are just a few more young artists who have connections with bigger, more famous namesakes.

Chris is the son of Stephen from Crosby, Stills and Nash. Adam is the first son of Leonard, the poet with the gravelly voice, and Brady is the cousin of Jim (from Seals & Croft) and Dan (of England Dan & John Ford Coley).

Their respective releases - Seals' and Cohen's are self-titled, while Stills' is called "100 Year Thing" - don't come close to anything Bob's son Jakob Dylan has done with his band Wallflowers. And they don't quite reach the dramatic artistry that Tim's son, Jeff Buckley, got with his album "Grace."

Still, it's probably nice to know people in high places.

Just ask Houston, Carey, Monica or Brandy.