NBC stamps out yet another unimpressive sitcom on Monday when the generic "Conrad Bloom" debuts (7:30 p.m., Ch. 5).

It's just one more cookie-cutter comedy about a bunch of mainly young, mainly white people who live in New York and work in the communications industry.It's not terrible, but it's not good. And it's not worth spending half an hour of your life watching.

Mark Feuerstein ("Caroline in the City" and "Fired Up") stars as the title character, a successful young advertising copywriter and nice guy who is taken advantage of by all the women in his life. There's his ex-girlfriend/best friend (Lauren Graham); his ditzy sister (Ever Carradine); his tough boss (Paula Newsome); and his the firm's art director (Jessica Stone).

But their interaction with Conrad is flat and boring.

And then there's Conrad's advertising idol, a burned-out, drugged-out ace from the 1970s (Steve Landesberg of "Barney Miller"), whose job Conrad saves in Monday's pilot episode. And he's just plain annoying.

The only time "Conrad Bloom" comes to life at all is when he's working opposite Linda Lavin ("Alice"), who plays his recently widowed, rather manipulative, overly dependent mother. She's excellent, and their scenes together are charming and funny.

But there are too few of them to merit a recommendation for "Conrad Bloom."