William Jefferson Clinton must resign. If he will not resign, he must be forced from office. The very fiber of our nation depends on it.

It is extremely hard for me to understand how the man continues to shine in the polls. Surely those polls do not accurately reflect the true values of this great nation? A nation founded on religious values. A nation that proclaims "In God We Trust" on its currency and public buildings.If this man is allowed to stand as a shining beacon of what we can get away with and what is morally acceptable, then we are in serious trouble as a country.

Someone I know quite well was once a federal employee just like Clinton. This acquaintance wrote a love letter to a former employee and was threatened with expulsion and a law suit. The love letter was romantic, not dirty in any way, and there was no contact between the parties of any kind. It seems there is a double standard at work here because Clinton is getting away with far more, including adultery, lies and a coverup.

The double standard continues in his role as commander in chief of our armed forces. This draft dodger is not being held to the same standards of moral conduct as are others in the military. Officers have been drummed out of the service for adultery, why not Clinton?

He can no longer function as our leader with this albatross around his neck. If he has any decency at all, he will resign. I doubt he is decent, so he must be removed forcibly.

Vincent O'Neil