I've read with sadness the story of a little 2-year-old boy, Dylan Bjorkman, who became the victim of the heat of a car, the sixth in less than five weeks. However, I would like to know why your reporters find it necessary to drag people through the mud because of their child's death. The bottom line in this tragic story is that a little boy accidentally died. Whether the family has had other problems really is not relevant to what happened this week, and I, for one, disagree strongly that they now have to deal with his death and the judgments of people they don't even know because of your reporters.

In Tuesday's paper, it is reported that the sisters were being comforted by the police officers, and then were taken away from their home on unrelated circumstances. Where are the heads of DCFS officials who will take these children from their home during such horrible circumstances? Now they will be returned two days later. Dealing with the death of a sibling is hard enough. To have to do it alone, with strangers around, is absolutely ridiculous.I believe a lot of people have some apologizing to do to this family. They have obviously had struggles, and I'm not condoning that. But a little compassion in the face of tragedy is definitely in order in this case. Your reporters need to back off.

Leslie Scoresby