A rumor that Monica Lewinsky is vacationing in Australia sent the nation's media pack into a frenzied race Thursday to find her.

Mike Berwick, the mayor of Douglas Shire, started the mad rush by telling Radio 4CA he had heard a rumor that the 24-year-old former White House intern was visiting the Port Douglas resort in far north Queensland."I've heard that it is correct that she is in town and I heard that last night," he said.

In Los Angeles, Lewinsky's spokeswoman, Judy Smith, refused to comment on where the former intern was.

At least two Australian TV stations claimed to have a video of a dark-haired young woman bearing a slight resemblance to Lewinsky boarding a boat for a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. However, the woman in the Channel 10 TV video was not Lewinsky - a fact reporters discovered Thursday afternoon when the boat returned to port.