On Sept. 8, at a public hearing before the Emigration Township Planning Commission, representatives of the Boyer Co. presented a proposal to develop 55 more lots in Emigration Oaks. The Boyer Co. plans call for the construction of a 20-foot wide emergency access road connecting Emigration Oaks to Emigration Canyon Road at about 4900 East. The plans as submitted call for extensive road cuts and culverting significant portions of Freeze Creek, a year-round tributary of Emigration Creek.

The Freeze Creek watershed is an area rich in wildlife and used by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. The residents of Emigration Canyon have voiced their opposition to the Boyer Co. plans to develop Freeze Creek in countless letters to public officials and in public testimony. The Salt Lake County Development Services Division has recommended that the plan be rejected.This is a road that nobody wants except the Boyer Co. Canyon residents oppose it, as do the residents of Emigration Oaks, who have asked for the construction of a safe, full-time access road at a different location. Nevertheless, the Boyer Co. is persisting in its efforts to destroy Freeze Creek in order to gain 55 more lots in their subdivision. We hope that the Emigration Planning Commission has the wisdom to reject the Boyer Co. plans at their Oct. 13 meeting and preserve the Freeze Creek Watershed.

Karl Mallman

Salt Lake City