BOGOTA - Authorities dumped 60,000 bottles of bootleg liquor into Colombia's sewers as part of President Andres Pastrana's campaign to crack down on the booming trade in contraband goods.


YANGON - Aung San Suu Kyi and nine other pro-democracy politicians confirmed their intentions to act as Myanmar's parliament, their most serious challenge to the government.


MEXICO CITY - Scores of inmates in Mexico City's overcrowded Northside Prison rioted, looting stores and setting fire to at least two dormitories, inmates and witnesses said. Several prisoners and guards were reported hurt.

South Korea

SEOUL - Legislators of the country's largest opposition party threatened to resign as a group to protest what they said was political suppression by President Kim Dae-jung.


SARAJEVO - International officials in charge of last weekend's elections denied that they are holding back vote results because extremists won, saying the count remains inconclusive.


HONG KONG - The government announced that the unemployment rate climbed to a 15-year high - about 5 percent - in the three-month period ending Aug. 31.


ROME - Dubbers said they had not reached an accord to end a strike that has caused delays in the release of Hollywood films and forced TV stations to use subtitles or voiceovers.

ROME - Thirty disgruntled Neapolitans stormed and occupied Rome's famous Trevi fountain to protest Italy's high unemployment rate.


MANILA - Strike-ravaged Philippine Airlines announced it will halt operations next week, ending the 57-year history of Asia's oldest airline.


SIEM REAP - Rival party leaders have scheduled face-to-face talks next week to try to bring an end to Cambodia's simmering political crisis, King Norodom Sihanouk announced.


DRESDEN - Chancellor Helmut Kohl assured east Germans, who may be key in deciding the outcome of the general election 10 days from now, that things were really going to get better.


ISLAMABAD - Legislators debated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's controversial plan to introduce Islamic law as his ministers lobbied opposition parties to get it approved.


MADRID - The government expressed "deep scepticism" over a cease-fire declared by the Basque separatist group ETA in its 30-year fight for an independent homeland.


CANBERRA - The sedate election campaign turned nasty when an opposition spokesman accused conservative Prime Minister John Howard of being indirectly responsible for the deaths of heroin users by neglecting law enforcement.


KUALA LUMPUR - The government restricted Singapore Air Force planes from entering Malaysian airspace in the latest sign of worsening relations between the neighboring nations.


LONDON - A Dutch man suffered a heart attack 30 minutes after taking the anti-impotence pill Viagra even though he had no medical condition that could cause adverse reactions to the drug, doctors said.