It is clear to me that the information reaching the public is indeed limited concerning polygamy. Leaders say that all the necessary resources are already in place to combat crimes within polygamy. Pro-polygamists say that these same crimes exist in monogamy as well. They both have a point but are overlooking the most significant point of this whole controversial issue.

Women and children within mainstream monogamous society have the protection of their communities, professionals and the state to intervene. Women and children in isolated polygamous societies rarely have these contacts, nor do they realize they have protection from the state through the "gentiles" they have been indoctrinated to fear.A polygamous child must have equal protection from the state just as their cohorts in monogamous society, even if their own parents fail to protect these rights. So is a child born to polygamous parents a U.S. citizen when their parents segregate from the nation in a quasi group above its laws? The very laws that are established to protect the vulnerable in America?

I know of professionals who have looked the other way rather than upset the apple cart in Utah, while the children continue to suffer. It seems that here in "Happy Valley," we care not for the children in polygamy.

Many polygamous men claim to be kinder and more loving than their abusive counterparts. My answer to them is that they are merely kinder abusers. They break their women's hearts while taking a new bride. The wife is in shell shock, which affects her nurturing abilities. He then produces more children than he can possibly do right by, thus a future fatherless generation emerges, since their father is too busy mending the hearts he is breaking, putting out fires of jealousy, and breeding, to help with homework, take children to a ballgame or go to parent-teacher conferences, etc.

This multi-generational dysfunction is growing at the nation's highest birthrates. There you have it, polygamy in a nutshell. Legalize it with regulations, nice thought. How do you restrict the activities tomorrow of those who refuse to be regulated today?

Laura Chapman

Resource director, Tapestry of Polygamy

Jedi for Women

Salt Lake City