A second Utah business is offering to remove sexy scenes from customers' copies of "Titanic."

Walter Pera, owner of ATR Productions in Holladay, placed an advertisement in Salt Lake City's two daily newspapers Sunday and by Tuesday had more than two dozen customers.The clamor for editing at Sunrise Family Video in American Fork gave him the idea, Pera said, but he waited to see whether Paramount Pictures took any action before advertising his service. Studio attorneys have asked Sunrise owner Don Biesinger not to continue the editing, but so far have not taken legal action to halt the practice.

Sunrise, which offers to clip the two scenes for $5, had received 2,400 videos for editing by Tuesday, Biesinger said.

For $10, Pera will excise the same two scenes. His service is more expensive, Pera said, because he uses technical video equipment, not scissors, to record a still image over the scenes.

"It's a cleaner, better edit. The tape is not handled at all," said Pera, whose firm produces and edits tapes of weddings, graduations and other events.

If editing "Titanic" is successful, Pera said he would like to expand to other titles. Customers already are asking him about that, he said.