A toddler who drowned while her father allegedly got high in a "sex dungeon" was pushed into the swimming pool by another child who made no effort to help, prosecutors said.

The May 24 death has been ruled a homicide, but no charges will be filed against the 7-year-old girl, Camden County Prosecutor Lee Solomon said Tuesday. She will instead receive counseling and therapy.Samantha Wann, 3, drowned in a 4-foot pool in the backyard of a Cherry Hill home while her father allegedly partied inside with a sadomasochist couple and smoked the hallucinogen PCP, authorities said.

An autopsy showed the toddler had been sexually assaulted a short time before her death.

Samantha was found fully clothed at the bottom of the pool. Solomon said the 7-year-old became angry with Samantha for some reason before pushing her in.

Samantha's father, Michael Wann, 34, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.