Recently my wife and I attended a meeting at West Valley City Hall for a truth-in-taxation hearing. This hearing is required by law before a municipality can raise taxes. This was not a truth-in-taxation hearing. This was a brain-washing session similar to ones used to railroad light rail into the valley. About 10 scheduled speakers were given unlimited time to extol the virtues of a proposed teen recreation center before anyone from the taxpayer audience was allowed to speak. We were given to understand that the facility would cost taxpayers approximately $35 a year in increased property tax for a home valued at $120,000 and proportionately more for those valued at more than that. To use the facilities would require an annual family membership of $400.

The City Council is supposedly elected officials commissioned to operate the city on a given tax structure without the privilege of spending money not currently available. As a resident I am compelled to buy according to what I can afford, and I expect my city managers to do the same.The contemplated facility is being pushed at us under the guise of giving teen residents a place of recreation in order to channel their energies into activities.

Those who can afford $400 a year for these activities already have them arranged for. Those who can't afford it are not provided for at all.

I am on a fixed income. There is nothing this building will offer that I can use or am likely to be interested in, but I will be compelled to pay an increase in my property taxes whether or not I like, approve or will use it. I live here, I get nailed.

Leslie L. Warner

West Valley City