Orem police are looking for help in identifying a number of stolen guns.

Lt. Bob Conner said two males were arrested early Sunday morning in the area of 500 North and 300 East and found to be in possession of seven firearms that appear to be collector's items.The two men had outstanding warrants and were discovered trespassing on private property. They tried to convince police they belonged in the neighborhood.

Conner said the men claimed they were unaware of the seven guns in their vehicle.

The guns include a Winchester Model 94 .30-caliber 1967 Canadian Centennial, a Winchester Model 94 John Wayne, a Winchester Model 94 1983 Crazy Horse and a Browning Ault-5 Light 12-inch gauge shotgun which have never been fired or taken from their boxes.

There were also two Winchester Model 42 .410-gauge shotguns and a Winchester Model 12 12-gauge pump action shotgun.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Orem police at 229-7220.