City leaders have been asked to restrict parking on portions of Main and State streets.

Resident Rebecca Mann has approached the City Council about reinstating the two-hour parking limit on west State Street, between 100 East and Main Street, and also on Main Street, between State and 100 North.Mann said some people park their cars on the streets and then take the trolley into Lagoon, tying up the parking spaces for hours and leaving less space for local businesses downtown.

Also, she said some days employees with the Davis County School District park on the streets.

Councilman Gary Elliot suspects some school district employees feel they can exit quicker by parking on Main or State Street than in the district's parking lot.

Mann also wants the city to develop a noise ordinance so that garbage trucks won't be out emptying cans before 6 a.m. She said garbage trucks in her neighborhood make a lot of noise at 4 a.m. some days.

Mayor Greg Bell said the city will study both proposals.