The issue of Sunday banking in Utah refuses to die, even by accident.

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo Bank opens its grocery and discount store branches on Sunday in every state but Utah, but when some radio stations began advertising otherwise Monday, the bank began getting calls about it.Michael Pazzi, senior vice president for Wells Fargo in Utah, said the ad spots were caused by a mixup at corporate headquarters and were quickly pulled.

Utah bankers found out just how sensitive the Sunday banking issue is locally last April when U.S. Bank, which is open Sunday everywhere it does business except Utah, announced its plans to open on Sunday five of its branches located in Salt Lake area SuperTarget stores.

Bad idea. The bank was deluged with protests and a week later said it had changed its mind and would not open on Sunday after all.

Utah law prohibits banks from opening on Sunday or holidays, but the larger, federally chartered banks, including Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank, say they are not governed by state laws. Utah commissisoner of financial institutions, G. Edward Leary, agreed that, without a judicial ruling, they are probably right.

But after U.S. Bank's experience last spring, Sunday opening seems to be a dead issue for now.