President Clinton has asked at least two ministers to serve as spiritual advisers, pray with him weekly and help him resist temptation.

Clinton called the ministers for their help on Labor Day when he was preparing for independent counsel Kenneth Starr's report.White House officials confirmed that the ministers include the Rev. Tony Campolo, a liberal Baptist from Pennsylvania known for advocating Christian acceptance of homosexuality. Another is the Rev. Gordon MacDonald, pastor of a nondenominational Christian church in Lexington, Mass. MacDonald has admitted having an extramarital affair.

MacDonald alluded to a third minister in a Sunday sermon, but that person has not come forward.

In a statement, Campolo addressed whether Clinton had selected the ministers as political damage control.

"It would not be the first time that Christians have been taken in. But we would rather be men of faith who believe that God is working in the life of the president than to join that army of cynics who cannot accept a plea for forgiveness at face value."