JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Palestinians they must commit to a relentless campaign against Islamic militants if Israel is to hand over more West Bank land.


CALGARY, Alberta - A Dutch charter plane with 282 people aboard was forced to return to Calgary after an engine apparently exploded during takeoff. No one was injured.


JAKARTA - President B.J. Habibie promised that investigators would question his autocratic predecessor, Suharto, this week for the first time in their corruption probe.


TAIPEI - In a move warmly greeted here, China said it will play host to Taiwan's top negotiator next month and agreed to preliminary talks on an agenda for the visit.


MANILA - Hundreds of activists, some with slogans painted on their bodies, marched to protest an accord that would let U.S. troops conduct war exercises here.


PALERMO - A suspected mobster on a list of Italy's 30-most dangerous people was arrested. Mariano Tullio Troia, 65, allegedly ordered a series of murders, including that of Salvo Lima, a Sicilian politician with close links to former premier Giulio Andreotti who is on trial in Palermo on charges of Mafia association.


BRUSSELS - The European Union authorized the sale of the impotence drug Viagra throughout its 15 member nations.


ISLAMABAD - Scores of Sunni Muslim militants set fire to a Shiite Muslim mosque near Islamabad in the latest violence between the rival Islamic groups. No one was injured.


BEIJING - Police arrested a software programmer for hack-ing into a nationwide computer network, the first arrest since a new criminal code outlawed computer crimes.


KINSHASA - President Laurent Kabila appointed four former generals of the late dictator Mobutu Sese Seko to command positions to bolster his offensive against rebels in the east, military sources said.


DHAKA - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the government would build a 30-mile embankment to protect the capital from future floods. Despite fears that it could crumble, the existing Dhaka-Narayanganj-Demra embankment, which protects 1 million Dhaka residents, has withstood the current floods.


PHNOM PENH - The capital enjoyed its first calm day in more than three weeks as opposition supporters began to heed their leaders' pleas for restraint ahead of top-level talks on the political crisis.

South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley said American interest in investing in Africa remained high and he hoped further to expand trade with the continent.


DIYARBAKIR - Thousands of Turkish troops are engaged in a large offensive against Kurdish rebels in the southeast of the country close to the border with Iraq, a military official said.


TOKYO - An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale struck the northeastern city of Sendai on Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.