Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

BURTON, Sue and Kenneth, Ogden, boy, Sept. 2.

CHAPMAN, Lori and Gary, West Point, girl, Sept. 3.

COOMBS, Cristi and Blake, South Weber, girl, Sept. 3.

FAWCETT, Candi and Cody, Liberty, Weber County, girl, Sept. 3.

GRILL, Michelle and Mark, Ogden, girl, Sept. 1.

HANSEN, Kori, and GRASS, Michael, Roy, girl, Aug. 25.

JACKSON, Anita and Monte, Roy, boy, Sept. 2.

NIGHTINGALE, Shannon aNd Derek, Clinton, boy, Sept. 2.

PATROLIA, Susan and William, Ogden, girl, Sept. 2.

PROTHERO, Karen and James, Roy, girl, Sept. 1.

REMSEN, Victoria and Jason, Ogden, boy, Sept. 3.

ROCHE, Becky and Milton, Tremonton, girl, Sept. 1.

ROGERS, Heather and Kevin, Pleasant View, boy, Sept. 2.

ROSE, Vicki aNd Rodney, Morgan, boy, Sept. 2.

STAUDER, Tracy and John, Mountain Green, boy, Sept. 2.

STEWART, Chantell, and LEMUS, Sergio, Ogden, boy, Sept. 1.

THOMAS, Carol and Fred, Ogden, girl, Sept. 2.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

COURSEN, Amy and Christopher, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 12.

DUNAWAY, Laura and Alan, Midvale, girl, Sept. 12.

GROSS, Saralee and Randy, Mountain View, boy, Sept. 13.

HARRIS, Aimee and Michael, Murray, boy, Sept. 13.

HAWTHORNE, Patty and Troy, Midvale, girl, Sept. 12.

MICKELSON, Karen and Blaine, Draper, girl, Sept. 13.

MOSS, Teresa and David, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

STRICKLAND, Rhiannon, and MIRELES, Thomas, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

Columbia Timpanogos

Regional Hospital-

BIBO, Patricia and Matthew, Orem, boy, Aug. 31.

BROADBENT, Laurel and Anthony, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 1.

CHUGG, Denise and David, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 2.

DYER, Nancy and Donald, Orem, boy, Sept. 5.

HORTON, Liana and Jeffrey, Cedar Valley, girl, Sept. 1.

HOWLETT, Angela and John, Provo, girl, Sept. 5.

JAMISON, Mary, Provo, boy, Sept. 2.

LOVELESS, Rebecca and Robert, Provo, boy, Sept. 1.

NIELSON, Billie, and HARMON, Andy, Orem, boy, Sept. 4.

YARN, Raye and Gary, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 31.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ADAMS, Kristen and Lee, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 11.

ANDERTON, Levilyn and Evan, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 11.

ARTZ, Tracy and Bart, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 11.

BAKER, Kaye and William, Murray, girl, Sept. 11.

ENGELDRECHT, Kelli and Byron, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 11.

GOTBERG, Terri and Carl, Magna, girl, Sept. 11.

NIELSEN, Drystal and John, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 11.

PHILBRICK, Misty and Shane, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 11.

RAJENDRAN, Premalabha and Perumal, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 11.

RICH, Laura and Dustin, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 11.

ROJO, Debbie and Julio, Draper, boy, Sept. 11.

ROKUS, Angelyn and John, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 11.

SWIDER, Debbie and Scott, Draper, boy, Sept. 11.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

ALLES, Melissa and Robert, Layton, boy, Sept. 1.

BARSTOW, Mindy and Spencer, Layton, girl, Sept. 2.

BON, Carrie and Craig, Clearfield, boy, Sept. 2.

CONNER, Julia and Sidney, Hill AFB, boy, Sept. 1.

HESS, Veronica, and REYNA, Christopher O'Neal, Layton, boy, Aug. 31.

HUNT, Richelle and Brandon, Kaysville, boy, Sept. 1.

JOHNSON, Brandi, and HAHN, Mike, Clinton, girl, Sept. 1.

JOHNSON, LaDawn and Jed, Syracuse, girl, Sept. 2.

JONES, Cristine and Robert, South Ogden, girl, Sept. 1.

MUNIZ, MaryAnn and John, Hill AFB, boy, Sept. 2.

NELSON, Libbi and Reid, Centerville, boy, Sept. 1.

OEBEKOVEN, Debbie and Mark, Layton, girl, Sept. 1.

VanLEER, Linda and Steven, Centerville, girl, Sept. 2.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSON, Jennifer and Michael, Grantsville, boy, Sept. 13.

ANDERTON, Lindzee, and BEYNON, Brian, Woods Cross, boy, Sept. 12.

BARLOW, Jessica and David, West Jordan, boy, Sept. 12.

CALL, Rebecca and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 12.

CLEMANS, Jessica and John, Sandy, boy, Sept. 12.

DESPAIN, Natalie and Randall, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

EMAN, Sepiden and Mansoor, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 12.

GARCIA, Maria and Jose, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 12.

HIGLEY, Roseanna and L. Douglas, Grantsville, twin girls, Sept. 13.

JOHNSON, Amanda and Duane, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

McELPRANG, Roxane and Joseph, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

PAGE, Shannon and Eric, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 12.

PERRY, Cheyanne, and BUCHANAN, Chris, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 12.

RASMUSSEN, Heather and Craig, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 13.

ROBINSON, Elizabeth and Nathan, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 12.

SAUNDERS, Jayne, and EMERY, Joshua, West Jordan, girl, Sept. 12.

WAHLSTRON, Katherine and Michael, Bountiful, boy, Sept. 13.

WARNER, Tobia and Matthew, Tooele, boy, Sept. 12.

WILKERSON, Maureen and Jeffery, Sandy, girl, Sept. 12.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ALALAWI, Andrea and Luay, Riverdale, boy, Sept. 10.

DERETA, Caryn, and LOPEZ, Joey, Layton, boy, Sept. 10.

HEPNER, Tina and Brandon, Layton, boy, Sept. 10.

HERRERA, Jessica and Nickodenus, Ogden, boy, Sept. 10.

KOLBEK, Kathryn, and GALVIN, Chris, Ogden, boy, Sept. 11.

WRIGHT, Wendy and Jeffrey, Ogden, girl, Sept. 10.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BATES, Diane and Harold, Murray, girl, Sept. 10.

GLASER, Jennifer and W. Aaron, Tooele, girl, Sept. 11.

HABERMASS, Rebecca and G. Scott, West Valley City, girl, Sept. 10.

Salt Lake

Regional Medical Center-

DeCENT, Rikki, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 9.

FRAZIER, Sherri and Clint, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 10.

GOOD, Melaine and Bill, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 9.

HAMBY, Harmoni and Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 8.

HAWKINS, Suzanne, and HAGEN, George Jr., Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 10.

PFEIFFER, Susan and Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, Sept. 7.

SILVER, Tiffany and Jaymes, Salt Lake City, boy, Sept. 10.

WELLS, Carrie and Jeff, Bountiful, girl, Sept. 9.

Utah Valley

Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Kristi and Keith, Springville, boy, Sept. 3.

ASHTON, Kami and David, Springville, girl, Sept. 3.

BALS, Alice Ellena and Wilfredo, Spanish Fork, girl, Sept. 2.

BATES, Jill and Derick, Provo, girl, Sept. 2.

COLLINS, Cathilyn and Blair, Provo, girl, Sept. 4.

COOPER, Albertina and Steven, Springville, girl, Sept. 2.

CURTIS, Brandy and Chad, Provo, girl, Sept. 2.

DARBRO, Pepper and Roger, Pleasant Grove, boy, Sept. 4.

DUTTON, MacKenzie and Christopher, Payson, girl, Sept. 4.

FIDLER, Carrie and Lewelynn, Springville, boy, Sept. 2.

GREGORY, Kelly and Troy, Lindon, boy, Sept. 3.

HARRIS, Janice and Clinton, Orem, boy, Sept. 3.

HARWARD, Marci and Anthony, Provo, girl, Sept. 2.

HAUCK, Tomoko and Eric, Provo, boy, Sept. 3.

HERBERT, Jennifer and Chad, Santaquin, boy, Sept. 3.

HUBLER, Lea and Clinton, Orem, boy, Sept. 3.

KILTON, Andrea and Richard, Provo, boy, Sept. 3.

KUEFLER, Pamela and Joseph, Ferron, girl, Sept. 4.

LARSEN, Jacqui and Lance, Springville, girl, Sept. 3.

LARSON, Rebecca and Douglas, Provo, girl, Sept. 3.

MARROTT, Yolanda and Robert, Heber City, girl, Sept. 4.

MARTIN, Apria and John, Provo, boy, Sept. 3.

MILLER, Marsha and Mark, Spanish Fork, girl, Sept. 4.

NEWELL, Melanie and Steven, Mapleton, boy, Sept. 3.

PULLAN, Laurisa aNd Derek, Heber City, boy, Sept. 2.

ROSS, Lisa and Jeffrey, Spanish Fork, girl, Sept. 2.

SKIDMORE, Tracy and Kenneth, Mapleton, boy, Sept. 3.

STRONG, Amy and Michael, Provo, girl, Sept. 3.

VAUGHAN, Catherine and Brian, Springville, girl, Sept. 3.