Many years ago I took my family to the Salt Lake Fairgrounds to see Roy Rogers, who was performing. Roy was a hero of my deaf daughter, who had insisted we go.

We stood several rows behind mostly youngsters crowding the arena as Roy rode Trigger around the inside perimeter touching the hands of those fortunate few close enough to extend their arms between the slats of the fence. As Roy passed, my daughter gave a high-pitched screech of delight characteristic of a profoundly deaf child.Immediately Roy reined Trigger around to face the spot where we were standing. He leaned forward in the saddle and extended his hand over the fence to shake every upraised hand in the group where we were standing, including that of my daughter. He then resumed his journey around the arena.

That humanitarian act of Roy Rogers left my daughter with a cherished childhood memory that remains with her to this day.

Richard Berghout