Investigators' pleas for the public's help in capturing the killer of a 10-year-old girl generated two dozen phone calls over the weekend with some new information for detectives to follow up.

On Saturday, the Salt Lake Police Department offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of Anna Palmer's killer.Police also warned parents to keep close tabs on their children and spoke of an around-the-clock effort to catch her assailant.

Anna was found unconscious and bleeding of stab wounds to her neck Thursday evening on the wooden porch of her home, 1633 S. 300 East. She died on the way to the hospital.

Sgt. Kyle Jones said Monday that investigators had dusted the inside of the Palmer home for fingerprints to determine if the killer entered the residence. He said it doesn't appear anything is missing from the home.

Autopsy photos have been forwarded for examination to the child protection team at Primary Children's Medical Center, where Kyle said experts there would determine if Anna was sexually assaulted.

The investigation thus far has failed to turn up a motive for the slaying.

To ease residents' concerns, a citizens' mobile watch made up of two team members in five cars was out Saturday night in the Palmer neighborhood. "They reported there was hardly anything moving at all," Jones said.

Two police officers were also assigned to the neighborhood 24 hours a day.

Police and citizen patrol groups plan to cruise the area between Hawthorne and Whittier elementary schools to lend assurance to parents and students concerned about the vicious attack.